People who care for a loved one are to be given more help juggling their work and home lives.

A major new project will begin tomorrow which aims to make companies in Bradford and Airedale the most “carer friendly” in the UK.

As many as one in eight employees in the Bradford district are believed to be juggling work with the added day-to-day pressures of caring for a loved one, according to the Shipley-based charity Carers’ Resource.

The charity’s team of specialists are now offering to help businesses give improved support to existing and new carers in the workplace.

Called CReate (Carers’ Resource employment advice and training enterprises), the initiative also aims to provide a growing number of unpaid family carers with the skills and confidence they would need to get back to work.

Stella Elson, manager of the charity’s Shipley office, said: “Taking on caring responsibilities can happen without warning and to any of us.

“You are suddenly faced with great emotional and physical stress while trying to maintain your job.

“We want to work with employers to give them a better insight into how to identify carers in their workplace and, with our guidance, how they can support them into becoming the UK’s most ‘carer friendly’.”

The charity aims to help business in a range of ways, from training for managers to offering discounted smartphone technology that links the carer at work to the person being cared for at home.

The project will be unveiled at the Mercure Bradford, Bankfield Hotel, from 11am to 1pm.

For more information, phone (01274) 449660.

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