A group providing support to rape victims in Bradford has welcomed figures showing that prosecutors in Yorkshire have achieved the highest conviction rate for rape cases in five years, with a two-thirds success rate.

Last year, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside successfully prosecuted 67 per cent of such cases – four per cent above the national average.

Bradford Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Survivors Service, which provides a helpline, counselling and therapy for victims, praised the increase in successful prosecutions, but pointed out that the “vast majority” of women and girls who used its services never saw their attackers brought to justice.

A spokesman for the service said: “We welcome the increase in rape convictions in the region and are aware of the good work done by the CPS to address the myths and stereotypes about rape that have adversely affected rape cases in the past.

“However, the vast majority of women and girls who use our services never see their perpetrators brought to justice. This is reflected in the Government’s statistics, released in January, that tell us that around 85,000 women are raped, whilst the CPS statistics show that only 3,692 cases were brought to court in 2012-13, of which 2,333 resulted in prosecution.

“Bradford Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Survivors Service would like to see increased support for survivors of sexual violence, including the provision of more independent sexual violence advisors to directly help women who report their rape to the police.”

Martin Goldman, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Yorkshire and Humberside, said the area was leading the way.

“Victims of this vile and appalling crime can be confident that the criminal justice system as a whole is getting better at prosecuting these offences, and if your case is charged there is now a very strong chance that your attacker will be convicted,” said Mr Goldman.

He said that in 2008, CPS West Yorkshire was the first area nationally to set up a Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit, staffed by a team of lawyers with specialist training.

Mr Goldman added: “Rape is one of the most serious and damaging of all the crimes we deal with and one of the most difficult to prosecute. But despite our successful track record, there is no room for complacency.

“Our rape scrutiny panel plays a vital role in helping us to continue to improve our performance. This independent panel regularly scrutinises a selection of rape cases and examines our decision-making processes. We will provide feedback to our lawyers to ensure that we continue to improve our performance and provide the best possible service to victims.”