Bradford firm Seabrook has distributed millions of crisp packets promoting Captain Sensible's new Blah! Party.

Supermarkets across the UK were this week being flooded with more than three million packets of the best-selling sea salt flavoured crisps carrying party messages.

The groundbreaking sponsorship deal between Seabrook and Blah! is claimed to be the first time food packaging has been used to promote a political party.

A Blah! Party spokesman said it was also the only time a heat-welded foil strip had been used on a crisp packet.

The Blah! Party was launched by Captain Sensible, founder of punk band The Damned, two months ago.

Membership now stands at almost 15,000 with the aim of doubling that by Christmas.

Ken Brook-Chrispin, chairman of Seabrook Crisps, said: "The response to The Blah! Party has been sensational, which clearly shows the level of disaffection that the public has towards the current political parties who offer no choice or distinction.

"We are confident that the new packaging will help drive even more members and help us achieve the status of being the UK's biggest political party.

"Seabrook Crisps shares the same no-nonsense, straight-talking values as The Blah! Party and we are delighted to support a campaign that sparks debate and gets people interested again in politics.

"Ultimately, The Blah! Party is encouraging people to take part in democracy, a worthwhile campaign that Seabrook Crisps is proud to be a part of."

Blah! says it is the UK's fastest growing political party.

It was set up to campaign on behalf of people who are fed up with the current crop of politicians.

The party spokesman said: "With voter apathy at an all-time high, The Blah! Party offers a real alternative for people who want to register their disenchantment with British politics and voice their protest using democratic means."

The party manifesto is driven by its members, based on what they believe needs blahing' on a monthly basis in politics and every day life.

The party website at is getting up to 3,000 hits a day.

Party membership is free. Log on to the website or text Blah to 83010.