A shocked family have described their son's sudden death from pneumonia as a "bolt from the blue".

Ian Penn died aged 22 less than ten hours after being admitted to Bradford Royal Infirmary suffering from cold symptoms.

He had a history of medical problems, but his family said his death came as a "total shock".

Ian's dad, Graham Penn, said: "He deteriorated so quickly and just went all of a sudden.

"It's a bolt from the blue and a total shock. They did everything they could at the hospital to keep him alive."

Mr Penn said his son had a "wicked sense of humour" and had become a devoted uncle to his ten-month-old niece Amy.

Ian, of Marten Road, Little Horton, Bradford, was found to have a hole in his heart when he was a young boy and underwent two operations when aged four.

One of the valves to Ian's heart, the Mitral valve, was then found to be leaking and surgeons carried out a complex operation to install a metal valve to replace it. His medical history meant he was not strong enough to fight pneumonia.

His identical twin, David, said: "He never complained and didn't let his condition bother him.

"He used to have a great laugh with my granddad, Eddie, because they had the same sense of humour.

"Everyone is devastated. It's amazing how many people he knew."

His mum, Lynne, said: "Ian loved the baby Amy. She is just ten months. We are all shocked."

Ian was a horse racing enthusiast who regularly attended local bookmakers to place bets and he recently enjoyed a day out at York races.

Mr Penn said: "He didn't drink or smoke for obvious health reasons, so that was his only escape."

Ian often spent time at Little Horton Unity Club, where he enjoyed playing bingo and snooker.

The former Buttershaw High School pupil also enjoyed watching football and was a Manchester United supporter.

He was taken to BRI at 2.30pm on Wednesday, November 15, after saying he felt unwell. On arrival, doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia and he died at 12.15am the following day.

Mr Penn said: "We always knew the valve to his heart could go at any time because nobody knew how long these metal valves could last, but in the end it wasn't that that killed him."

Donations in Ian's memory can be made at the funeral to Bradford-based charity Impact Young Heroes.

His funeral will take place at the St Oswald Parish Church at 12.45pm on Monday, followed by the cremation at Scholemoor.

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