Villagers are set to open their windows to the festive season next weekend.

Saltaire will be transformed into a virtual, walk-through Advent calendar as part of a unique new experiment.

The windows of 24 homes and public buildings will each display a Christmas theme, with a new one lit every day from December 1.

Local couple David and Victoria Worsley hit on the idea after chatting to a friend.

"We've got a friend from Switzerland and she brought up this idea of the living Advent calendar," said David.

"It's a popular tradition in villages there.

"We visited her, saw them and thought it would be perfect for Saltaire. It's a tight-knit community and it would be a fun way for people to liven up the village while meeting their neighbours."

The couple, who are exhibition curators, put out a call for 23 buildings to join their own Victoria Road home as a unique Advent window.

Before long Shipley College, Salts Mill, Victoria Hall and Magic Number Three arts and crafts shop and delicatessen, along with 20 private homes, had signed up.

Participants are designing their own window display - the surprise will be of the fun, said David - but a festive design is the order of the day.

"I suppose in an ideal world we'll have a nice mixture of religious designs and other festive views," he said.

"The windows will be illuminated from dusk and people walking the route will enjoy a very sweet and charming festive feel.

"We are hoping that it will be a really popular idea with people and will stick."

A map is being produced detailing locations of the Advent windows which will be available in Salts Mill and the information centre, along with a link on Saltaire village website.

But David said he hoped people would enjoy hunting for the windows.

"Each window will have the Advent number on so people will know that if they are at, say, number eight they can then have fun hunting down number nine."

Saltaire Primary School will be the building to light the first Advent window next Sunday. Art teacher Janet Peel and pupils have been working hard on an eye-catching design.



Where and when you can find the Saltaire Advent Calendar windows.

Dec 1 Saltaire Primary School, Albert Road.

Dec 2, 6 Albert Terrace.

Dec 3,3 Victoria Road.

Dec 4 67 Victoria Road.

Dec 5, 76 Victoria Road.

Dec 6, 6 Harold Place.

Dec 7, 52 Titus Street.

Dec 8, 5 George Street.

Dec 9, 5 Baker Street.

Dec 10, 28 Constance Street.

Dec 11, 8 Shirley Street.

Dec 12, 47 Caroline Street.

Dec 13, 47 Titus Street.

Dec 14, 50 Caroline Street.

Dec 15, The Victoria Hall and Shipley College.

Dec 16, 18 Victoria Road.

Dec 17, 7 Shirley Street.

Dec 18, Titus Hospital, Saltaire Road.

Dec 19, 68 Victoria Road.

Dec 20, 20 Constance Street.

Dec 21, 44 Whitlam Street.

Dec 22, 13 Albert Road.

Dec 23, 72 Victoria Road.

Dec 24, Salts Mill, Victoria Road.

Dec 25, Christmas Day.