Six Bradford University students have joined forces to make this year’s Positive Bradford campaign the best yet.

Positive Bradford was created in 2011 to celebrate everything good about the district, with a fun day held for the last two years.

Now final year students Aqib Chishtee, Mubeen Dhoriwala, Anna Kuzia, Viet Nguyen, Stavros Violaris, Anam Mann, all from the University’s School of Management, have signed up as part of their Enterprise & Innovation in Practice Module to help improve local businesses.

Up to 15 teams worked on projects including Positive Bradford, Webanywhere, Heaton Tennis & Squash Club, Pizza Pieces, and Sport England.

Jane Vincent, the co-founder of Positive Bradford, which holds its fun day this year on Saturday, September 21, at City Park, welcomed the help.

Last year's event included 45 market stalls, a food marquee and live entertainment from school choirs, street dance artists, dohl drummers and bollywood dancers. More of the same is promised this year.

She said: “The students had to do something that would have some impact on the organisation and we are always looking for resources.

“They have done some great things for us including creating a barcode on a sticker that people can scan to get to the Positive Bradford website, an updated Twitter site and social media advice, and stickers just arrived at the office that we can use to donate to businesses.”

Miss Vincent is also celebrating after a company in Little Germany,, donated 100 hours of time free to building up the website at

“We need to be shouting about Positive Bradford,” she said.

“I am thrilled because it is all amazing, we don’t have funds, so we really totally rely on volunteers,” she added.

Lecturer Shahid Rasul said that students had to work in teams to work on ‘real world’ challenges hosted by organisations and put theory to practice, which linked to the University’s strapline of ‘Making Knowledge Work’.

“Student Teams known as ICE (Innovation, Creativity & Enterprise) Teams work on the project for one semester and present their findings to the host organisation, who give them a candid perspective of their findings,” he said.

“Students gain through exposure to real-life challenges and working with organisations and companies gain a fresh perspective on a challenge they face.

“It was a great opportunity for students to work with local organisations and to put theory to practice.”

Stavros Violaris said that he was really glad to help an organisation that was helping a whole city, while Anam Mann said that the project was a good opportunity to gain an insight on practical challenges.

“As a foreign student, Positive Bradford represented a rewarding experience on a professional and personal level and might be an example for other small cities,” Viet Nguyen added.