A computer error led more than 100 people queuing in a hospital car park after turning up for the same appointment.

More than 100 people arrived for an appointment with a specialist at 9am at the Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) out-patients clinic at Bradford Royal Infirmary, only to find a queue leading into the car park.

The patients had been sent a letter telling them their appointment had been moved forward and to expect to spend a morning at the hospital for examinations and x-rays.

Mother-of-two Louise Mundy, 39, had been expecting to have investigations into breathing difficulties.

She said: "I got up there and they were queuing out of the door into the car-park.

"Everybody around me had an appointment for 9am to see a specialist. There were people going mad, foaming, really angry."

The crowd included elderly nursing home patients, children and people who had taken time off work, and many had paid £3 parking fees.

Mrs Mundy, who had arranged child-care for her 11-year-old daughter who was off school ill, and had made arrangements for her three-year-old to attend nursery for longer than usual, said they were told a computer error had led to the mistake.

The patients were asked to wait in the queue in case their appointment had been legitimate.

She said: "I felt sorry for the nurses, one of them was saying out of the 20-odd years she had worked there this had never happened before."

Mrs Mundy, of Legrams Avenue, Scholemoor, Bradford, said patients were handed complaints forms. She said: "To me it was only £3, that's neither here nor there, but there was a lot of angry people there, a lot of people disappointed with the NHS. It's just not good enough really."

A Trust spokesman said the letters were the result of an error and had been issued after an original letter containing correct appointment details. She said all the patients affected would receive a personal letter of apology from the chief executive.

The administration system is being replaced, with a new one due to be active by the spring.

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