Some artists express themselves in paint iPad drawings, others takes photographs or contrive installations. Marcus Levine nails his subject matter in, well, nails.

Without using a drawn outline for guidance, he hammers nails into white painted board at varying heights and distances, giving the effect of iron-filings arranged into shapes by a magnet.

He was commissioned to create a monumental work for Bradford Museums and Galleries, and this can be seen in the grounds of Cartwright Hall in Lister Park.

The British Science Association also commissioned him to make a large sense sculpture in oak which is stationed outside Bradford University’s main entrance.

This week an exhibition of his work opened at Jane Fielder’s Bingley Gallery and runs until May 12. Marcus said: “There will be at least 14 nail sculptures, plus paintings and sensory sculptures. I know Jane particularly likes these – they are made from green carved wood in cherry, oak, and beech.

“One sensory oak sculpture will be displayed outside the gallery on the forecourt. It is similar to the one which is currently displayed outside the Atrium of the University of Bradford. “I welcome people to touch it, although it has been freshly oiled and so may be a little greasy until the oil has had chance to dry.

“I am not sure there will be room for the Morphing Nude but I have just finished it and would like to display it. Most of my work is quite large scale.”

The Bingley Gallery at 29 Park Road, Bingley, is open Thursday and Friday from noon to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm.