Know your limit on drinking and driving.

That was the message from road safety campaigners today after a survey revealed that many drivers are unaware of the limit.

In Yorkshire 89 per cent of drivers surveyed did not know what the legal limit was, compared to 80 per cent nationally.

And today the father of a youngster killed in a drink-driving incident called on people simply not to drink at all before they drive.

Knowledge of the correct drink-drive limit of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood was poorest among women.

Only 13 per cent of women polled got the figure right compared with 29 per cent of men, according to the survey.

And 42 per cent of those surveyed in the poll by know someone who drinks and drives regularly.

Tony Davison, whose 18-year-old son Adrian was killed in a drink-driving crash on the A660 Leeds Road, Bramhope four years ago, has become a tireless campaigner for West Yorkshire road safety charity Brake since his son's death.

The driver of the car and Adrian's best friend, Nigel Rhodes, was over the drink-drive limit. He was also killed in the crash.

Mr Davison, 46, of Otley, said it was better not to drink anything when you are driving.

He said: "I find the results of the survey very worrying.

"My advice would simply be to drink nothing at all if you are driving. Then there is no ambiguity at all.

"The two-pint rule no longer exists."

Effects of drink driving include slower reactions, increased stopping distance, poorer judgement of speed and distance and reduced field of vision.

Its effects depend on a person's weight, sex, age and metabolism, stress levels, an empty stomach and the amount and type of alcohol.

Seventy per cent of the drivers surveyed in Yorkshire agreed that people should not drive if they have had any alcohol.

Women in particular were supportive of the zero tolerance approach.

The north east of England was the region where people were most likely to drink and drive, with Wales rated as the least likely. chief operating officer, Richard Game, said: "The research highlights the continued danger that exists from drink-driving.

"Everyone knows the risks involved, but for some reason many drivers still think they can have a drink safely.

"The reality is that the only truly safe approach is to say no to any alcohol - something which the majority of drivers in the survey supported to become law."


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