A confidential report has identified concerns with an animal rendering plant in Bradford that campaigners claim emits a “shocking” stench.

Bradford Council employed a consultant to look into odour problems at Omega Proteins at Erlings Works between Thornton and Denholme.

The investigation was in response to complaints from residents about offensive smells blighting their lives.

Councillor Martin Love (Green, Shipley) told a meeting of the Council’s environment and waste management overview and scrutiny committee in February that it “was like living in a scene from the First World War” for locals, as gas from the plant rolled across fields towards properties.

Campaigning group Stop Omega Stink, which represents people from Thornton, Denholme, Well Heads and surrounding areas, has been vocal in its concerns about the site and raised concerns about a planning application to extend the bio-filter bed at the site.

Now, a statement from the Council has revealed the authority is taking the matter “seriously”. It also addressed the planning application.

Andrew Thornton, the Council’s executive member for environment and sustainability, said: “Officers continue to respond to a high number of complaints regarding the offensive odour and issues regarding vehicle movements.

“It is a measure of how seriously we take this matter that the Council employed a specialist consultant to look into the emission of offensive odour from the site. The consultant’s report identified some concerns with the operation of the premises and specifically with some of the odour-abatement equipment.

“Following a meeting between Omega and the Environmental Health Service, the company has drawn up an action plan. The current planning application for a replacement bio-filter is one part of the company’s action plan.”

A company spokesman said: “We feel it would be inappropriate for us to comment on the recommendations of the report while we are in dialogue with officers from Bradford Council.

“However, we dispute that there are a high number of complaints. Ten complaints have been received during the last three months, the majority of which originate from one complainant.

“Vehicle movements are continuously monitored and independent checks by Bradford Council’s officers have confirmed our compliance.”