A man who has undergone remarkable surgery after losing three fingers in a motorbike crash is hoping to race again.

Jonas Barber lost three fingers in a race in Lincolnshire in 2011. But he has been given back his grip in an operation in which two of his toes were removed and re-attached to his hand.

The 12-hour operation, carried out last March, has allowed him to carry out everyday tasks such as holding a phone or a plate, or opening a jar.

But undeterred by the crash, Jonas, 31, is looking forward to getting back to racing.

The father of three young girls, from Guiseley, is hoping that a further operation this year to remove excess skin and release tendons, will help him on the way to competing again.

Jonas, who runs his own business, Auto Teknik, underwent surgery at the Spire Hospital in Roundhay, Leeds. The operation was carried out by Professor Simon Kay, who went on to perform the UK’s first hand transplant in December.

Jonas was first told about the possibility of a transplant soon after the accident.

“To start with you think is it something you want,” he said. “But in life terms I am not even half way through. I want to get back to riding motorbikes properly so anything that can be an improvement is worth doing in my view.”