A mum whose young son was hit by a car has slammed the ambulance service, claiming it took paramedics 45 minutes to reach him.

Jacqueline Hill said ten-year-old Kieran, who was initially feared to have suffered a spinal injury, had to lie in the road in the cold and pouring rain awaiting professional help.

The youngster was hit by a taxi on Crag Road in Shipley on Sunday, December 30, at about 7pm. He suffered a broken collarbone and cuts and bruises.

Mrs Hill said: “It took 45 minutes for an ambulance to arrive for a ten-year-old who could have had spinal or internal injuries.

“I was urged to put a complaint in about it. The police said Kieran was lucky he only broke his collarbone. Laying on the road for that length of time, it could have been really bad.

“The police officer at the scene wanted to get a fire engine with a spinal board so we could at least get him into a police van. I am just angry that this could happen.”

Kieran stayed overnight at Bradford Royal Infirmary after the accident, before recovering at home on Rosebery Avenue, Shipley.

The collision happened when Mrs Hill, Kieran and his brother Cameron, 14, stopped for a takeaway pizza on the way home from church.

After Mrs Hill had parked the car, Cameron got out and crossed the road.

“Kieran ran across the road to keep up with his older brother,” said Mrs Hill. “Then a taxi came along and hit him. He was hurled onto the bonnet and then off onto the road.

“The taxi driver was not at fault at all.”

Mrs Hill lay on the road with her son to make sure he didn’t move, before police and a rapid response ambulance car arrived. “The ambulance that came was over in Leeds,” said Mrs Hill. “Apparently, Bradford ambulances don’t just cover Bradford.”

David Williams, deputy director of operations at the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “We would like to apologise to Kieran and his family for the distress caused following the 999 call made to us on December 30.

“A fully-trained clinician working on a rapid response vehicle was at the scene within 11 minutes to provide an immediate medical assessment and treatment to Kieran, continuing care and monitoring his condition until a conveying ambulance arrived 20 minutes later.”