A fingerprint belonging to Muzzaker Shah was found on a haul of ammunition discovered in a car, the PC Sharon Beshenivsky murder trial jury heard.

West Yorkshire Police crime analyst Matthew Shackleton told Newcastle Crown Court that the Mac-10 machine gun had been found in the blue bag in a silver Volkswagen Golf recovered in Birmingham in December last year.

Also found in the car were 15 live rounds of ammunition wrapped in a clear plastic bag. On that bag was found a print of the right forefinger of Shah.

Mr Shackleton told the court that a number of fingerprints were found on items in the Toyota Rav 4 and Toyota Corolla cars, the house in Harehills Lane, Leeds, and the property in London.

Prints belonging to Shah, Yusuf Jamma, Mustaf Jamma and Raza Ul-Haq Aslam were found on items in the Rav 4, including a car rental agreement, vanity mirror, a mobile phone, service station receipt, sandwich pack, a water bottle and a bottle of perfume.

Aslam and Faisal Razzaq's prints were found in the Toyota Corolla, and at the house in Leeds there were prints discovered belonging to Shah, Faisal Razzaq, Aslam, Mustaf Jamma and Piran Ditta Khan.

A Leeds to Sheffield rail ticket, dated November 18, 2005, found at the house in London bore the print of Mustaf Jamma, Shah's fingerprints were found on a bathroom wall and a coffee table and a palm print of Hassan Razzaq was found in the bathroom.

Nigel Swift, communications manager for West Yorkshire Police, told the court of a number of press releases were issued by its Press Office about the robbery and shooting of PCs Beshenivsky and Teresa Milburn.

Mr Swift said the first release was issued at 4.01pm which said police were responding to a report of a robbery at shop premises in Morley Street, Bradford city centre.

Two further releases during the next hour stated that two officers had been injured.

At 18.02 another press release was issued which confirmed that two police officers had been shot. It added "The incident has proved fatal to one officer and the other officer has been injured and is receiving treatment in hospital".

A statement was read to the court of the owner of the Universal Express travel agents, Mohammed Yusaf, which described how he was in his office when two Afro-Caribbean males and an Asian man came in, demanded money and assaulted the staff.

Mr Yusaf described how his hands were tied behind his back, he was made to lie on the floor and was kicked in the legs. He said he was very scared and upset and feared for his life and those of his children, who worked at the office. Mr Yusaf said that as soon as the three men left the premises he heard two or three big bangs and could tell they were gunshots.

The jury was sent home until next Tuesday by the judge, Mr Justice Andrew Smith, who told them there were a number of legal matters to be considered. When they return Muzzaker Shah's defence is expected to start.

The trial continues.