An airline which has breached night-time flying rules at Leeds-Bradford Airport is being asked to give a formal commitment to introduce quieter planes.

Leeds City Council is asking for a commitment and timescale from the airport and Pakistan International Airlines after eight breaches of night-time rules in the last 12 months.

Two years ago the Council served a breach of condition notice on the airport after warning that further contraventions by the airline would not be tolerated. Improvements were made, and a report last year showed no recent problems.

But a report to the Council’s latest Plans Panel South and West showed eight breaches, and now the Council wants to see a commitment on the introduction of quieter and more reliable B777 aircraft for the PIA flights.

Reasons for the contraventions included snow and the late arrival of the incoming flight.

A report to the panel said: “Members need to be aware that LBlA has some of the most stringent night-time noise restrictions of all major UK airports and are currently the only airport not permitted to allow aircraft to depart during the night-time hours that have a noise quota count greater than 0.5. “The majority of the main airports in the UK allow noise quota count of 4.0 during the night-time period.”

Members heard that the airport had continued to work hard with the airline to minimise night-time breaches.

The report said: “As members are aware, the outcome of these previous discussions are that the number of PIA flights from LBIA has been reduced, and the time that they depart from LBIA has been moved forward by two hours. “The result of these ongoing discussions and the changes made is that the numbers of breaches that have occurred have been reduced over time although the performance over the past 12 months is a retrograde step.”

Councillors agreed to support the approach of continued dialogue rather than formal action at this stage.