A Bradford teenager today backed a call to ban police use of CS spray after he was treated in hospital for painful blistering.

Michael Standing, 19, says he was caught in the face at close range by a Bradford officer wielding the spray and was treated at Bradford Royal Infirmary by a doctor who told him his injuries were similar to acid burns.

Mr Standing, of Wrose Road, Wrose, has sent a letter of complaint to West Yorkshire Police enclosing photographs of his injuries.

He is the second Bradford man in a week to complain to the force about face and neck burns caused by the substance.

He is backing Ian Russell, 23, of Longfield Drive, Dudley Hill, Bradford, who wants police forces across the country to stop using CS spray.

Mr Russell suffered painful and extensive burns to his face, neck and hands when he was sprayed by Bradford Police.

Mr Standing, a sandblaster, said he was sprayed after police were called to Dalcross Street, West Bowling, at 9.30pm last Friday.

He said he was in a house doorway, with young children behind him.

"I did nothing wrong. I was sprayed and hit with a truncheon," he said.

"It came out of the blue. I wasn't even arrested for anything. I was sprayed from less than a metre away. I just turned and felt it on my face. I ran inside the house and felt a burning pain.

"I thought it would go away but I woke the next morning with clusters of blisters on my face and neck. My skin has gone tight like I have been scalded.

"There was no need for it. It should be banned. The police shouldn't have to use stuff like that. It was too strong and too close.

"I'm a big chap with tough skin but the doctor said it looked like an acid burn. I am demanding an explanation."

Mr Standing said he has no convictions for violence and has never been arrested for causing a disturbance.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "Any complaint received will be thoroughly investigated by the Force's Professional Standards Department."

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