The mother of a severely disabled little boy is raising funds to provide him with specially-adapted toys and learning tools.

Claire Harrison has been fundraising since May to build a "sensory corner" for her son Joel, who has cerebral palsy.

His condition means he cannot speak and has restricted movement.

The five-year-old attends Lister Lane School, Manningham, where he is able to play with specially-made toys which stimulate different kinds of activity in his brain.

But during school holidays and at weekends he is unable to use this equipment and so his mother decided to start raising money to buy some for his bedroom.

Mrs Harrison said: "The school is wonderful for him, absolutely fantastic. It has all the equipment he needs to keep him stimulated, such as light toys and things that react to touch.

"There is no way I can possibly carry on this level of stimulation at home. Apart from giving him toys to play with, it helps him relax. He can't play with normal toys and during the six weeks' holiday it's very hard keeping him occupied."

Among the toys she is hoping to buy are a light bubble tube, fibre optics and a dark room with a projector.

She hopes to transform a corner of his room at the family's home in Gaisby Rise, Shipley, where all of these toys can be played with. The family estimate the sensory corner will cost around £9,000.

As luck would have it, the company they wish to buy them from, Spacecraft, is also based in Shipley.

So far she has raised more than £3,000 towards her target, and this figure is expected to shoot up in the next few days after her friends Stacy and Rachel McTigue took part in a charity parachute jump. The pair were inspired to take the leap of faith from 14,000ft in order to help out with fundraising.

Stacy said: "So far we are looking at approximately £1,400 from our jump. It was very scary but once we actually got up there it was amazing."

Joel's appeal has already benefited to the tune of £3,000 thanks to fundraising by Owlett Hall Social Club, and help from Woodend Working Men's Club, Shipley.

Mrs Harrison said she wished to thank everybody who had contributed to the target so far.