A row has erupted after Keighley MP Kris Hopkins claimed gangs of Muslim men are “going round and raping white kids”, fuelled by a cultural background that encourages brutal sexism against all women.

While calling for greater openness on the subject during a House of Commons debate, Mr Hopkins made extreme accusations which exceeded former MP Ann Cryer’s remarks on race and sex abuse in Keighley.

Tonight, a fierce row was raging as some community leaders said the former Bradford Council leader’s remarks were “outrageous.”

Mr Hopkins, a Tory MP, claimed:

  • Gangs of Muslim men are going round raping white children.
  • Some Muslim men are fundamentally sexist and only wanted subservient women.
  • That some Muslim boys are raised as little princes who can do no wrong and so lack morals.
  • That some imams behaved brutally to children in Keighley’s mosques.

Mr Hopkins said he was not saying “all British Pakistani men are abusing white kids,” but he went on to add: “There is a minority, though.”

He said the subject had not been tackled since former Labour MP Ann Cryer first raised the issue of Pakistani men’s attitudes to women. Shakeel Aziz, who runs anti-grooming workshops for young men in Keighley, said Mr Hopkins was wrong to identify abusers as Muslim when the background of their crimes had little to do with religion.

Keighley Central councillor Khadim Hussain (Lab) said Mr Hopkins was “playing to the BNP and the far right with this sort of thing”.

Former Labour MP Ann Cryer said she felt Mr Hopkins’ comments were “heavy-handed” – but supported much of what he said.

Dr Bary Malik, of the Bradford-based Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, said he thought Mr Hopkins’ comments were “outrageous and a disgrace.”

Lord Patel of Bradford said: “Generally I echo what Kris Hopkins says – that this is not about all Pakistani men – it is a small minority but it is there, and does need to be addressed.”