Is this the oldest married man in the world?

Karam Chand turns an amazing 107 today.

And he’s not the only centenarian in his household – his wife, Kartari, celebrated her 100th birthday on Thursday, November 1.

Mr and Mrs Chand got married in India back in 1925 and celebrated their 86th anniversary earlier this year. Their family have now written to Guinness World Records asking if they are the oldest married couple in the world.

The couple, who have had eight children, 27 grandchildren and more than ten great-grandchildren, settled in Bradford more than 40 years ago.

Mr and Mrs Chand live with their youngest son, Sat Paul, and his family in Washington Street, Bradford. It is this Indian tradition of keeping the generations together under one roof which the Chand family says helps keep the couple so youthful.

Their family have a huge joint party planned for the couple, which will see four of their children fly over specially from India.