Transport authority Metro has insisted plans for a new railway station at Low Moor, Bradford, will not be scrapped.

James Vasey, chairman of Bradford Rail Users’ Group, raised the concern after the planned completion date for the station was put back another year to 2015.

Metro, the West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority, has cited extra expense incurred from changes in engineering safety requirements for building platforms on a curve, such as would be the case at Low Moor.

The original plans for the station were that it would be open by December 2013. But that was revised to 2014 and has now been pushed back another 12 months at least.

Mr Vasey said: “It is a massive let-down for people. It is not fair for the people of Low Moor.”

He added the money to fund the scheme had been set aside for some time, while insisting that a platform with a curve had already been in place the first time a station at Low Moor existed.

“The real fear is that they are going to kick the scheme into the long grass for as long as possible,” said Mr Vasey.

“The money has been there for two years, it is there and ready to spend.

“A new station would give access to jobs in Leeds, Bradford and Manchester. But I think it is going to be sacrificed for the good of the overall line.”

A Metro spokesman said: “This is not in any way a plan to scrap the project.

“Due to the extra expense resulting from changes in engineering safety requirements for building platforms on a curve, as is the case at Low Moor, a stopping frequency of three trains per hour is now required to achieve the business case for the scheme.

“Metro is now in detailed discussions with Network Rail and Northern Rail on achieving this frequency but the additional work is likely to push the date for initial opening of the station into 2015.”

The new station is planned for New Works Road on the Caldervale Line between Bradford Interchange and Halifax. It would also include a 117-space car park.

The original station closed in 1965.