A diver who was part of a team who recovered £44 million of gold from a shipwreck has died, aged 55.

Graham Jessop, the son of Keighley “goldfinder” Keith Jessop and one of the first people to explore the wreck of HMS Titanic, died following a fight against cancer. His death in France follows that of his father two years ago.

The pair made their names in 1981 after bringing up the gold from the wartime wreck of HMS Edinburgh. They carried out more salvage operations together, then after Keith stepped down in the 1980s his son continued with his own companies.

Graham’s sister Carol said her brother had “really made it in his own right” following her father’s retirement.

In 1999 he found the wreck of the Carpathia, the ship that rescued hundreds of survivors from the Titanic, and captured images for a TV documentary.

Two years later Graham was appointed official “guardian” of the wreck of the Titanic, when he became recovery manager for RMS Titanic Inc.