Customers can expect a “safer, more comfortable” journey on a relaunched First Bus service between Bradford and Leeds.

The new StreetCar vehicles, complete with a “pilot and customer host” (driver and conductor), take to the roads this Sunday.

Manager Dave Sanderson, who helped promote the new bus in Centenary Square, Bradford, today promised an improved passenger experience on the number 72.

He said the service would run every seven minutes, compared with the previous number 72 which ran every eight.

Mr Sanderson said: “We are putting the new service on to improve punctuality, reliability and customer service, and to bring the two cities together.”

While a new colour scheme and leather seats will provide extra comfort, Mr Sanderson believed the presence of a customer host would make a big difference for passengers. He said: “The good thing about having a customer host is that they are onboard, so there will be no graffiti or vandalism. People will feel safer.”

The 72 will run seven days a week and the first bus from Bradford leaves at 7.15am on Sunday.