THROUGH the elaborately decorated window strung with artistic pots passers-by hurried through the dampness to their destinations.

Post Christmas everything falls flat and the cloak of winter adds to the gloom as the glitter and sparkle from the festivities are packed away for another year.

Sat here in our window seat we were conscious of the bustle going by but our minds were firmly fixed on a pleasurable project.

Glancing around the shelves for a pottery piece to paint our daughter Katy was literally spoilt for choice.

There were money banks, all manner of ornaments, teapots, cups in various shapes and sizes and so many characters we could have given a home.

The colourful dragon was a model example of the more intricate things you can do with plenty of time on your hands, but with hanging stars and coasters there is literally something for everyone and every ability.

Katy pondered, and pondered, then settled on a tall mug - the appeal being it offered plenty of creative space for her artistic designs.

Thinking time about the design was accompanied with tasty refreshments, a slice of rocky road and some pink lemonade.

Discussing the things she liked and wanted to re-create led to the idea of a mug about her favourite things and the next few hours were spent sketching the detail before the painting could begin.

With experts on hand to advise, Katy learned about how layering the paint would make the colour bolder once her mug had been fired in the kiln.

On a table close by two women took their seats before choosing their projects. One chose a jug which she intricately decorated with vines and leaves while the other chose to splatter paint around a vase.

Chatter was kept to a minimum - conversation would have been a distraction to the creativity - but the silence was literally golden.

There were no mobile phones or gadgetry; no swiping of screens, snapping food being savoured or the obligatory gathering round for selfies or even tapping away texting. For those few hours there was peace and tranquility. Few places offer that these days.

"I could do this all day," said Katy.

Words from someone so young were refreshing as our daughter is growing up in a society where our lives are dictated by the demands of technology.

So for those who relish the chance to switch off once in a while, arty activities such as pottery painting are perfect.

But, as we discovered, the experience offers much more than that. It's actually therapeutic, an escape from the hum drum of the routine and a wonderful way of spending time together.

I relished the opportunity to give the mug's handle a second coat. Sweeping brush strokes was simply bliss and, I too, could have done it all day. It was relaxing, enjoyable and fun.

A few more sweeping movements of the various thick and thin bristled brushes Katy was working with and the bold and brightly coloured mug bearing some of her favourite things was ready for the kiln.

Just a week to wait and we'd be able to see the result of her creativity on our return visit to Firefly Pottery in Horsforth.

It was launched in 2014 by Victoria Iball who, keen to return to creative roots, wanted to offer creative provision within the community.

Pottery painting/glazing is one of many activities on offer here. They also run clay hand building and the potters wheel. It's worth checking out the website to see what else is going on as the shop and cafe hosts various events throughout the year.

Factfile: Firefly Pottery is based in Greatminster House, Lister Hill, Horsforth, LS18 5DL

For opening times, or for more information visit; email or call 0113 345 0405.