MOSES Ekebuisi, a science graduate of the University of Bradford, and co-author of articles in medical and entomology journals, sets out to present scientific proof of the interconnectedness of life in his new book. Interconnectedness of Life was inspired by Moses’ soil research working for the University of Leeds, which he claims proves the Gaia Theory.

“The Earth is a web of life where no living thing exists in isolation, independent of others,” says Moses. “The book bears evidence of how groups of soil organisms and plants such as grass live in an interdependent manner, maintaining conditions for the existence of one another.

“This is part of the chain of interconnectedness. In their diversity, plants and all animals, including man, are interrelated in such a way; the life and wellbeing of one means the life and wellbeing of the other.”

Moses says insight gained from the book is “key to knowing the best way to conserve nature, manage soil and produce safer food without causing ecological problems”.

“For the solution of our today’s social, health, political and spiritual problems, we need to interrelate with each another,” he adds.

As a musician, Moses was inspired by his theory to compose and produce a song called Give Them What They Need, which calls for the saving of nature.

His book is available from and Amazon.