BRADFORD actor and writer Kamal Kaan is to appear in an innovative comedy drama touring the UK.

The Chef Show - which comes to Skipton on March 20 - is set in a Bangladeshi restaurant in a rural village in Yorkshire, where a father and son battle for power during a busy Saturday night.

“But there’s a twist,” reveals Kamal, who grew up in Bradford Moor. “Two actors play 14 different roles, including those of the customers and co-workers, and the unique selling point of the show is that it features a real chef from the local area in which the show tours, who cooks on stage. The audience get to then taste the food.”

He adds: “I play a number of characters, however, the performance is based on a father and son relationship, in which I play the son Khalid.

“I also play a woman called Sarah, who is on a first date with Bob; Faisal, the first generation migrant who works in the kitchen; Simon, who is a nervous wreck wanting to propose to Catherine; Tony, a boisterous drunk, and Rod, the controlling posh doctor on a night out with his wife Janet. It’s challenging juggling all the characters, but it’s immense fun to do.”

He adds: “We don’t get to meet the chef until the day of the show but our producer Stefan Escreet does a great job briefing them beforehand.”

This is the drama's second tour after being received so well last year that many nights were sold out.

“It appeals to me because the audience not only get to watch it, but their senses are soaked with the smell of all the delectable spices as the food is cooked and then they get to taste it,” says Kamal.

“Also, despite it having comedy elements, the play deals with themes of belonging, immigration and cultural clashes.”

It also examines the way in which people perceive Bangladeshis and attitudes to ‘Indian’ food.

Kamal is thrilled that the show is playing in Skipton. “My late father worked in a mill in Skipton and who would have thought I’d get the chance to work there to, but in a completely different profession.

“He set down the path for me, by coming to this country from Bangladesh in 1963. I am performing in dedication to him and the amazing and kind man that he was. It’s what we see in the show; the kindness and sensitivity of a Bangledeshi father who only wants his son to do well.”

The Chef Show is produced, conceived and directed by Stefan, who heads his own theatre company - Ragged Edge Productions.

It has been written by fellow Bradfordian, writer Nick Ahad whose previous work includes Emmerdale and co-stars Leicester based actor Rohit Gokani. The script, which draws on Nick’s own Bangladeshi family heritage in the ‘Indian’ restaurant trade.

This is the fourth collaboration between Nick and Kamal, who attended Carlton Bolling College, going on to study at Dixons CTC (now Dixons City Academy), before a degree in architecture at the Universty of Cambridge and an MA in TV Fiction Writing in Glasgow.

Kamal has appeared in various BBC on stage, screen and radio. His theatre credits include a Japan tour of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and North Country with Bradford-based theatre company Freedom.

His writing includes drama of the week Breaking Up With Bradford, which was broadcast on Radio 4 and won silver at World Stage Design 2017 with The Weather Machine, an immersive theatre piece made in collaboration with Leeds-based artist David Shearing.

The Chef Show is rehearsing at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick, where Stefan worked as associate director. “It’s by far the most beautiful theatre in the country,” says Kamal. “Stefan has the theatre’s support from working there previously,” says Kamal.

The rural tour visits 24 locations across England and Wales, with two venues in Yorkshire, in Skipton and Doncaster.

“I hope my family will get to come and see the show in Skipton,” says Kamal. “I come from a background where theatre isn’t ordinarily experienced. It will be lovely to share my work with them - especially in a show that is very much linked to their own experiences - my eldest brother is a chef.”

He adds: “Stefan is the most wonderful director to work with. We joke and call him dad, because he is so kind and nurturing in rehearsals.

“His hard work and vision has helped get this tour from a small experiment two years ago in a village hall to a full-blown national rural tour, playing in some fantastic theatres.”

Says Stefan: “Rohit and Kamal worked really hard and the audiences love their skill in creating a restaurant full of characters.

One of the most enjoyable things was seeing that some of our guest chefs were a bit nervous, never having done anything quite like it before, but by the end of the show they were loving it. They had a great time on stage and it was a talking point in their restaurants for a long time after.”

*The Chef Show takes place on Tuesday March 20 at Skipton Town Hall at 6.30pm with guest chef Yazi from Amaali in Skipton. Box office: 01756 792809.

Booking details for Skipton and Doncaster can be found on and or