YOU’RE only as young as you feel, down at Keighley Playhouse...

The Playhouse is starting the new year by staging the comedy You’re Only Young Twice, about a lively pensioner leading his friends astray, until a wake-up call forces him to confront his past, and his future.

We’ve all been there… late nights, late mornings, loud music, gangs of mates. And Brooksie is no exception.

Sue and Richard are having all manner of problems with him; he’s out of control and driving them up the wall.

It’s something most parents have to deal with at some stage - but it’s not normally the children who are doing the parenting. For Brooksie isn’t the couple’s teenage son, he’s Sue’s dad.

Sue and Richard took Brooksie in after the recent death of his wife, and Sue’s mum, Grace. A thrill-seeking pensioner, Brooksie has recruited a group of over 60s to run riot with him and help him re-live his youth and slide disgracefully into old age.

The lively gang consists of himself, his best friend Tom, Tom’s fiancé Julia, and her friend Rose.

Tom is set to marry Julia but Rose is displeased with the arrangement as she believes Tom is all easily misled, and falls too quickly at the whim of Brooksie, who lives by his motto: ‘You’re only as young as you feel’.

The marriage looks set to go ahead despite Rose’s objections until the stag night arrives, which not only involves much boozing, causing several indiscretions, it also throws Brooksie’s life up into the air, making him suddenly aware of his age, prompting him to question what he's doing with his life.

While acknowledging his growing feelings for Rose, Brooksie struggles with unresolved feelings towards late wife Grace, who makes one or two appearances, encouraging him to move on.

Directing due Debbie and Mike Ellison say the play offers laughter and moments of pathos, leaving the audience "feeling the better for it".

It's the first time the couple have directed a production together. “Having another person to work with and bounce ideas off, and having that extra pair of eyes has really helped us create the show we wanted,” says Debbie.

* You’re Only Young Twice runs at Keighley Playhouse from January 15 - 20. For tickets call 07599 890769.