IT'S 1939, the blitz is in full swing and hundreds of children are evacuated to safety in the countryside - but one young boy doesn’t feel safe anywhere he goes.

Packed off with only the clothes he stands in, a Bible and a belt (for 'discipline'), William Beech is a shy, quiet evacuee who is housed with the grumpy and reclusive Mr Tom.

William assumes that life in the country will mirror that of his life in London, but he soon learns that rural life is far from uneventful.

Keighley Playhouse presents charming wartime drama Goodnight Mr Tom, which many will remember as the 1988 TV adaptation starring John Thaw.

William starts to settle in the small rural village he has been sent to, making friends and slowly learning what it is to have a loving parental relationship. Then his abusive mother tears him back to wartorn London.

Tom, who was shocked when he saw how fragile, bruised and nervous Willie was when he first moved in with him, understands only too well the reasons for the boy's sudden departure after he makes the journey to Mrs Beech’s home.

Setting out to retrieve Willie, he finds him prisoner in his own house. Will Mr Tom be able to rescue him in time?

Robin Martin take the part of Mr Tom Oakley and an alternating duo of Adam Sains and Frasier Campbell-Macdonald play William.

This adaptation by David Wood sees Sammy the dog played as a puppet, handled by one of the company members.

Director Deborah Mouat said: “Sammy, who acts as companion to both lead characters throughout, is a vital and very physical part to tackle."

Deborah has opted for a minimal set, filled with a large cast playing an array of colourful characters which all play a significant role in the much-loved story.

Just one month off its 20th anniversary, this play delivers spadefuls of laughter and sorrow in equal measure - the perfect way to spend a chilly late autumn evening.

* Goodnight Mr Tom runs at Keighley Playhouse from November 27 to December 2. For tickets call 07599 890769.