BRADFORD cab driver Mehmood Sultan is about to star in a major new Bollywood film.

The 64-year-old from Chellow Dene plays the part of a judge in the comedy called Actor In Law which arrives in UK cinemas in time for Eid later this month.

The grandad-of-four said he will be taking all of his family to see him on the big screen and will then be going again and again with friends.

“I don’t care how many times I go! I love acting, I’m on the moon when I see myself on the screen,” he said.

Mr Sultan, who has also worked as a security guard, has been in ITV police drama DCI Banks and countless other dramas and films since the 1970s.

He landed the role of the judge in Actor In Law after a phone call from his director friend Nabeel Qureshi who invited him over for four days filming in Karachi in February.

He is seen in courtroom action lasting about eight minutes throughout the film, one of his biggest roles to date.

“I had to get my hair cut and my beard trimmed to make me look more serious,” said Mr Sultan who lives with his family in Alston Close.

The actor shares the screen with Asian acting legend Om Puri and heart throb Fahad Mustafa who is an up and coming lawyer and aspiring actor who employs theatrics and over the top one liners in the courtroom. His dream is to become an actor but his father disapproves, said Mr Sultan.

“There’s a twist when his world is turned upside down and he gets a case that shakes the foundation of the country and threatens his career as well as his family. People will have to go and see the film for themselves to see if he can use his acting talent and knowledge of the law to ensure justice for his home village against an electric company.”

Mr Sultan is also looking forward to the release of a locally-filmed drama called Bakra (Sheep) Online which is also due out on Venus TV on Eid Day, which could be Tuesday, September 13. “I have fun when I’m filming. I’ve had lots of jobs over the years but being an actor is my favourite,” he said. The trailer for Actor In Law is being shown now on Asian TV channels and at Bollywood cinema showings in the build up to its release day. “I went to see a film in Bradford the other day and I got recognised from the film promo which makes me feel very proud,” he added.

Last year he had a three-minute part in a movie called Welcome to Karachi, which was shot at various locations across Bradford, including City Hall, Little Germany and Bombay Stores. As for the next film he is already working on, he is staying tight-lipped. “I’ve got to stay secret about it but it’s an English film and it’s going to be a big one,” he said.