A SECRET live audition for hopefuls wanting to take part in ITV's The Voice 2017 has taken place at the Baildon Club.

More than 40 singers performed in the first round at the venue, well-known for encouraging promising talent with its Live at the Lounge sessions on every second Friday.

Club organisers were sworn to secrecy in advance of the night (pictured), which took place earlier this month, but Val Sharp of the Baildon Club said it had been a tremendous success.

"They were all local performers from Baildon, Bradford and Shipley and amazingly a third of those who took part are all going straight through to the third round.

"It took a great deal of nerve for all of them to stand up and be judged and it's fantastic!"

Bren Travis helps run Live at The Lounge, where singers, bands, acoustic vocalists and students of our tutors play and learn.