FILMING is taking place in Bradford for a new Channel 4 drama inspired by the historic sex cases involving Jimmy Savile and other high profile figures.

Scenes for the four-part drama, National Treasure, are currently being filmed in Bradford's City Hall and City Park.

Robbie Coltrane will star as veteran comedian Paul Finchley, a household name who is not quite as successful as he once was. His life begins to unravel when he is accused of raping someone in the 1970s.

Julie Walters plays Finchley's wife, Marie, who has supported her husband throughout his career, despite some tough times. Andrea Riseborough plays Dee, their daughter.

The drama follows Finchley and his family as they are put under the pressure of the investigation and and through the trial that follows.

Channel 4 announced plans for the series in August when writer Jack Thorne said: "National Treasure is a piece about doubt, about the smell of abuse, about how we as a society live in Yewtree times. Paul is a man who could be innocent or guilty.

"We're going to examine him from all sides and ask that big question - how well do we know the people closest to us?"

In the last four years City Hall has featured in films and television productions ten times.

Over that time the council has earned more than £25,000 from allowing production companies to make use of the listed building.

National Treasure is being produced in association with Screen Yorkshire and with the support of the Yorkshire Content Fund, is being filmed in the region.

Filming of the drama in Bradford is expected to run into next week.