A BRADFORD shop owner is creating a stir on social media over his antics on a desert island survival TV series.

Rizwan Shabir, 26, from Bradford, is one of eight men who have been dropped on a deserted tropical island for the Channel 4 series The Island.

After the first episode on Monday evening, people took to Twitter to after Rizwan appeared to be struggling to cope with island life.

Shortly after reaching the beach following a 50m swim, Rizwan broke down in tears and hid his face behind his hat.

He then struggled to get to the top of a steep bank as the men made their way off the beach.

Rizwan redeemed himself when he managed to get a fire going.

Twitter users compared Rizwan's efforts with those of ex-Army corporal Hannah Campbell, 31, who lost a leg in Iraq and is on the island as a member of the women's group.

She had to have treatment for a scorpion bite but didn't make a fuss.

Twitter user Elliot Ball posted: "Riz mate, pull yourself together & get on with it. It's getting a lot harder than this pal! #TheIsland."

On the Channel 4 website, Rizwan describes himself as a huge fan of survival shows.

The blurb adds: "He feels the weight of responsibility of being a business owner, husband and dad and now wants to do something for himself.

"As a practicing Muslim, he only eats Halal meat and prays five times a day. "He hopes he can be a positive role model for the Muslim community through the show.

"He is a black belt in karate and used to cage fight when he was a teenager. He hopes he will bring laughter to the island."

  • Episode two of The Island is on April 4 at 9pm.