SIR - I write to express my concern at what I see as the disgracefully unfair treatment being meted out to Sir Ed Davey over the Post Office Horizon scandal.

Davey became the Business Secretary in May 2010, shortly after the general election of that month. Almost immediately Alan Bates, our sub-postmaster hero, got in touch with Sir Ed requesting a meeting, even before the latter had got his bearings.

Davey was advised by officials not to meet Mr Bates and wrote a courteous letter of refusal. This letter has been quoted time and again in the last week as evidence of Davey's “guilt” in this matter.

What the media very rarely add is that by October, now with a bit of experience under his wings, Sir Ed did meet Mr Bates. Davey was the first minister to meet Mr Bates.

Some of the media, to their credit, have carried the comment recently made by Davey, that he “was deeply misled by Post Office executives”. In short, he was lied to.

We have a shoddy right wing media in this country. Added to which, it appears a sizeable chunk of the Conservative Party have sunk to becoming feral attack dogs.

John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon