SIR - The mistreatment of postmasters over several years by the Post Office in general and their security staff in particular is truly appalling, Lord Arbuthnot described it as lies and deceit on an industrial scale.

In Parliament the PO Minister Kevin Hollinrake indicated 3500 postmasters were affected leading to 983 convictions. It appears in every case the security staff told the accused they “were the only one it happened to”, a blatant lie repeated on average about twice per week over the approximate time period across the UK.

How could the security staff sleep at night as they intentionally mislead the accused? What sort of justice is that?

It appears the fines were going into the profits of the Post Office and in turn some of that misappropriated funds found it way to pay the PO staff a bonus. Are these people thus not receiving stolen funds and should thus be so charged by the police?

Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley