SIR - Emma Clayton makes an excellent point about the number of celebrities who have gone to see the famous Northern Lights on TV.

To broaden this out, if I see another TV celebrity making a travel show I'll throw my TV out of the window.

Michael Palin, Billy Connolly, Jane McDonald, Joanna Lumley, Sandy Toxic Waste, the list is endless.

They sometimes say things like "I'm completely alone now, isolated from the outside world". No you're not, there's a camera crew there!

Then we've had Michael Portillo, a BBC favourite because he's a reformed Tory who is now all nice and cuddly. Entertaining us by catching a train while reading a book to us.

And as for Ray Mears, the best way to survive the Australian Outback is by staying at home!

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon