SIR - In these Covid tinged times what a pleasure it to be 'nailed' to a seat inside St George's Hall for almost THREE hours!

The 'millionaire' Iron Maiden front man had attracted a degree of online vitriol for doing a 'talk night' tour and charging fans accordingly to hear what could possibly be just a verbal addendum to his recent autobiography, What Does This Button Do?

But the event provided an opportunity for a taste of 'normal' and also check out if Mr Dickinson could talk as well as he could sing!

I was indeed entertained. A first half This Is Your Life themed summary was intriguing and specially impressive were references to former Bradford venues in which Bruce had paid his dues - particularly Princeville WMC.

After the interval came the Q&A section, something I initially thought lazy in concept. Blank cards left in the foyer pre-gig for folk to scribble down their questions. But it worked surprisingly well and took Bruce in every direction and incisively deep into his battle with throat cancer.

Humour was never far away, the best question being: "Aay up, Bruce. I've heard you do fencing? Can you come round and give me a quote sometime?". This to someone who was once seventh in line for a slot in the British Olympic fencing team!

A round of applause for the St George's Hall staff. But the venue still needs a 'playing tonight' board outside!

John Murphy, Cooper Lane, Bradford