Slightly sceptical and apprehensive about what to expect, I was a little unsure how the evening would go. Sitting down in the auditorium, it soon became very clear that Sally is very successful at what she does, with a huge celebrity following all willing to vouch for her psychic talents. The spiritual world has even moved forward with social media trends, including the use of WhatsApp to post pictures of your loved ones.

Bounding onto the stage, Sally’s warmth and humour however quickly puts the audience at ease and it didn’t take long for the audience to respond to the information Sally was providing from the spirit world.

Conscious about the initial disclaimer that there is no scientific evidence to the work that psychics do, and that the shows are clearly for entertainment purposes, you soon just relax and go with the flow.

Listening to people’s stories and seeing the genuine comfort Sally brings with her messages of love and hope, was certainly entertaining. And who knew that even dogs go over that rainbow bridge and hang around.

Looking at Sally’s up and coming tour dates, she plans to be very busy in 2020, even hinting at a possible return to Bradford.