ALAN Ayckbourn needs no introduction to Bingley Little Theatre audiences who have enjoyed his comedies many times.

The society’s most recent production of an Ayckbourn play was last season’s Sisterly Feelings.

Now BLT presents Snake in the Grass, which falls into a different genre. It’s described as “a powerful suspense drama of depth and subtlety”, about two sisters who experience a challenging relationship.

“Can a ghost story reveal truths about human nature?”, asks Ayckbourn - a question which members of the audience must ponder for themselves.

Annabel, played by Geraldine Woodhouse, and Miriam (Rachel Conyers)) are brought together by their father’s death, a situation compounded by the accusation made by his former, and vindictive, nurse Alice (Liz Hall), that one of them murdered the obnoxious old man. Tensions emerge, and gradually build, in a tense production, with the central three performances supported by an innovative set.

If, as Ayckbourn claims, we are all haunted by the ghosts of the past, what impact have childhood experiences had on the two sisters? Their stories unfold as, in compassionate and sensitive performances, their feelings and personalities emerge. The thought-provoking play asks which ghosts are real, which exist in the mind and which, if any, are just a hoax...

Director Deborah Mouat has past experience both as an actor and director at Bingley Little Theatre and Keighley Playhouse. She says that, although Snake in the Grass is a challenging play to bring to life, Alan Ayckbourn is especially good at writing for women - and for women when they are among themselves. “Snake in the Grass plays to this strength, giving the three actresses a good challenge as they grapple with their complex characters,” says Deborah.

“Our actresses have significant acting experience, having appeared regularly, and sometimes together, in local theatre in a number of diverse plays.

“Snake in the Grass promises to offer performances as professional and accomplished as the subject is thought-provoking.”

* Snake in the Grass runs at Bingley Arts Centre from October 22-27. For tickets call (01274) 519814.