After its UK debut at the Royal Albert Hall in January, Ovo by Cirque du Soleil, has finally arrived at Leeds First Direct Arena. With a cast of 50 performing artists from 17 countries, all specialising in acrobatics, combined with huge set pieces, including the clever use of a climbing wall, Ovo has certainly invented itself as the modern circus.

Following its premiere in Montreal in 2009, Ovo has played to more than five million people worldwide, touring as a Big Top production on a large scale. Conceived and created by a vast team, which includes the Brazilian choreographer Deborah Colker, Ovo’s general narrative is a fantasy world themed around insect life, basically an acrobatic version of ‘A Bugs life’.

From the minute you arrive the artists are interacting with the audience enticing you along the journey of the arrival of a large egg, the Ovo, which looks rather like a giant potato. Mixed with an original soundtrack, singers and musician, it really didn’t matter if you had no idea what they were singing about, it was all about the acrobatics.

With no room for mistake, the synchronisation of the Red Ants’ foot juggling on large slices of kiwi fruit is a visual treat and the comedic grouping of the three clowns worked well to push the story along. Another clever touch for the youngsters was the inclusion the popular dance move the ‘Floss’. Then came the finale, trampolinists dressed as crickets flying through the air and climbing extremely high walls.

Having never seen a Cirque du Soleil show, I was looking forward to the unicycles, tightropes and general big top atmosphere and that’s exactly what Ovo provided, on a modern scale with a comedic twist. It didn’t matter that the plot was slightly limited, as the immersive touring show mixed silliness with style to create a dazzling effect. I can safely say Ovo, was without a doubt entertainment for the whole family.