LIFE imitates art in Keighley Playhouse's latest production - A Bunch of Amateurs.

Opening the Playhouse’s 71st season, the show, written by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman, is about a fading Hollywood star called Jefferson Steele, who flies across the Atlantic in an attempt to boost his dwindling career and escape relationship issues with this daughter, an aspiring actress in New York.

Jefferson believes that he's destined for greatness as he has accepted the coveted title role in King Lear for the RSC in Stratford - only to be disappointed when he lands on British soil and discovers he has in fact signed up for an amateur society in a Suffolk village called Stratford St John.

The players are thrilled that he has accepted the part, which they hope will help them to save their beloved little theatre from developers.

Throughout his stay, Jefferson constantly pushes the boundaries and is tested by the over enthusiastic British thespians.

As the two worlds are forced to merge, he discovers several home truths that might just help to bring his ego down a peg or two - but will it be enough to safe the theatre?

Co-writers Ian Hislop and Nick Newman collaborated on the comedy after the film of the same name, starring Burt Reynolds, was chosen for a Royal Film Performance.

Hislop, best known a long-running team captain on Have I Got News for You and a the editor of Private Eye, began his collaboration with Newman on TV's Spitting Image in 1984. The pair have worked together on several projects since.

Directing this first show of the new season is Mal Fidler, who has countless credits under her belt both on and off stage. This is her first directing venture with the Keighley Playhouse.

"As this production is a play about a play, the writers have cleverly utilised the talents of the backstage crew," says Mal. "Members taking on roles such as props and costume for the Playhouse may be seen making an appearance during the show, so keep your eyes peeled and if in doubt…buy a programme!"

* A Bunch of Amateurs runs at Keighley Playhouse from September 3-8. For tickets call 07599 890769.