by Amos Wynn

BOLTON band Jordan Allen, who are heading for Bingley Music Live this year, say they're "blown away" after by the reaction to latest single, Synchronised.

"It's had a great response," says frontman, Jordan Allen, who adds that the song is about "juggling university and a music career".

“It was hard balancing studying and trying to write a tune. Since finishing uni it's been easier because there’s more freedom, I’m pretty much in the music world fulltime now,” he says, adding, jokingly: "I hope it all falls into place otherwise I’ll have to get a real job.”

The band has also released B-side, Half Life Lover. “We didn’t tell anyone about it, it's had a really good reaction," says Allen. He says, when making music, the band hopes other people will "jump on board and like it as much as us”.

“It's tough for new bands to get their music out there. So it's nice that people are listening to us. You get people coming up singing the songs. I was in the library at uni, this lad was looking at me weirdly, he came over and went ‘You're in a band, aren’t you?’"

He highlights the band's first appearance at Reading and Leeds as a “really cool” moment - along with turning on Bolton Christmas lights. "There were 5,000 people there, probably the most we've played to.”

This summer the four-piece are at the Isle of Wight festival and Kendal Calling. “I think Kendal is our biggest yet, we're on before Catfish so that’s cool. The big shows are yet to come, hopefully,” says Allen.

Over the past year the band have supported the Bluetones and the Sherlocks. "I supported the Sherlocks on their first gig in Manchester where they played to, like, ten people. It’s nice to get to play with bands who are now conquering."

Allen has several influences. Growing up, his dad listened to the likes of James, The Smiths and U2, and he's also into garage and hip hop. “I’m into a vast range of things, even jazz. I like a bit of everything, a good mix of influences.”

Lead guitarist Danny Quin is into pop, while drummer Nathan Howard and bassist Kieran Loughran like "heavy stuff".

Allen decided he wanted to be in a band when he was 16 and started writing songs about girls in college. “Me and Danny formed the band, I found him doing Ed Sheeran covers at an open mic night in Bolton and thought he was great. Then Kieran came in on bass, and our drummer had left another band so it worked out well. It sky-rocketed.”

He jokes that the band name has left him red-faced: “We asked our management could we change it, they said no because our reputation was too big. Not much chance of it being copied. I write the tunes, so I suppose I have to stake some claim.”

Next single Naked is due for release in August. "It's quite a party anthem with a little rave break," says Allen.

There’s plenty to look forward to for the Bolton four-piece - with more tours and music to come, the future is bright.