A FORMER pie shop is the unexpected venue for an intimate re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood - which is performed to just two people at a time.

Big Teeth by Red Hood productions began its three day run at The Brick Box Rooms on Ivegate, the former Smith & Co pie shop, yesterday.

The unique selling point of the half hour immersive performance, based in wartime London, is that it is for an audience of just two people at a time.

At the start of the performance the pair are led up to the upper floors of the pub - where the meat used in the pies used to be hung from hooks that are still in the ceiling.

The room has been transformed into a 1940s style bedroom, and it is in this room that the story, of a predatory actor and his efforts to seduce a young waitress, play out.

To give any more details of what happens during the next half hour would spoil many of the surprises in this unique installation, but it is a much more intimate night at the theatre than most would be used to.

The performance may not be for everyone - and particularly shy people may balk at the interactive elements of the play. But for those who are willing to allow themselves to be fully immersed in the story, it will prove to be a truly one off, unforgettable experience.

Big Teeth was originally staged in London in Autumn 2017, and this run marks the first time it has come to Bradford.

To buy tickets, and to book one of the time slots, visit thebrickboxrooms.co.uk/event/big-teeth/

Big Teeth runs until tomorrow night.