LIKE many young girls, when Sinead Campbell was growing up she would sing in her bedroom.

“I would put on Britney Spears and sing and dance away in my room,” she recalls. “I was naturally drawn to creative arts and loved music and dance.”

Fast forward more almost two decades and Sinead is fulfilling her dream of making a living doing what she loves. She is carving out a career as a singer/songwriter, performing at venues across Yorkshire.

“I am loving it, I put everything into my performances and am really connecting with audiences.”

A pupil at the former Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic College, Sinead studied drama at GCSE, going on to study theatre at A-level and a BTEC national diploma in dance.

She later joined a youth club Dance United in Bradford, taking part in after-school sessions.

“They took teenagers from low income backgrounds. They came to our school and I went along with my friend. We did some physical theatre, and performed a play in Bradford and also in London, which was amazing.”

Sinead, of Dudley Hill, was determined to take the opportunity to go on to further education. She enrolled at York St John University to study theatre.

The course included all aspects of theatre, including performance, writing for theatre and set design.

“It was ‘theatre, theatre, theatre’ up to a certain age,” she says, “And then I ended up going down the music route.”

After graduating Sinead has worked in all areas of performance from pantomime to musical theatre shows and dance videos. She worked for a time as a lead vocalist in France before returning to the UK and using her vocal and songwriting talents to forge a career.

“People were telling me that I needed to pursue a career my dreams and I decided that I would, so I came home and bought a PA system and began writing my own material.”

Her songs are influenced by 1980s and 90s music. “There are synthesizers and catchy beats,” says Sinead.

She performs at clubs, pubs, and weddings and recently sang at the popular music and arts venue Headrow House in Leeds, a former textile mill located in one of the city’s historic yards.

“The vibe was amazing. I am very expressionistic and bring in dancing too. I like to talk to the audience about my journey so far and connect with them. Everyone was saying what a great atmosphere it was.”

Sinead has released a debut single, Shot in the Heart, with four more singles and an EP in the pipeline. “I have recorded two singles with a band called Post Culture who supported me at Headrow House,” she says.

“It has been hard and it has taken me three years to get to where I am today. I don’t have contacts in the industry so I don’t have anything handed to me - I have to do it on my own.”

She adds: “I don’t come across many other solo women singers who are mixed race either.

“I feel that it is important to get my voice heard and inspire other young women.”

Sinead’s mum Ellen, half-sister Chloe and other family members including her grandparents, are very proud of her and have seen her perform.

“I am enjoying myself so much,” she adds.

*; Sinead is also on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. Her single Shot in the Heart is available across media platforms.