In the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are three rounders teams from years gone by.

Do you remember any of the players?

ROUNDERS ST WALBURGA’S SCHOOL 1994: Captain Liam Gilhooley (front) with (from left) Daniel Bowman, Matthew Reynier, Matthew Stichbury, Daniel Fletcher, Ben Hopkins, James Henry, Byron Elliott, Jonathan Duval and Alex Kerry

ROUNDERS ST WALBURGA’S SCHOOL 1996: Back: Mark Bosworth, Kyle Elliott, Jenny Christopher (vice-captain), Dominic Robinson (captain), Chris Bentley, David Pugh. Front: Rebecca Hutton, Frances Noble, Miranda Jones, Rachel Faunthorpe, Luke Lavery.

ROUNDERS ST WALBURGA’S SCHOOL U10 1996: Back: Kyle Elliott, Daniel Lewis, James Reeves, Adam Stante, Dominic Robinson. Front: Mark Bosworth, Thomas Monaghan, Luke Lavery (captain), David Pugh, Christopher Bentley.

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