In the latest edition of our weekly look back through the T&A picture archives, here are three football teams from years gone by.

Do you remember any of the players?

AFC LILYCROFT 1986: Back from left: Robert George, Dave Schofield (manager), Tony Halliday, Mohammed Asif, Craig Duke, Deigo Adams, Roger Graham, Paul Clapham. Front: Trevor Hardaker, Clive Michallat, Steve George, Jimmy Nicholls, Bob Whitehead (captain)

LIVERSEDGE 1994: Back from left: Sean Twohig, Mark Woffendin, Paul Smith, Peter Crowther, Simon O’ Hara, Dean Rayne, Mark Wilkinson. Front: Adam Hughes, Karl Gray, John Hendrick, Mick Oddy, Andy Payne, Karl Milner

LORD CLYDE 1990: Back from left: Peter Marriot, Danny Holmes, Nicky Ryan, Darren Holmes, Nicky Hogan, Tony Gawith, Les Cooper. Front: Jack Howarth, Danny Lawlor, Andy Nassau, John Lambert, Liam Hibbits, Dave Taylor

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