THEY have entertained generations of young readers.

Even in adulthood, the likes of Mr Strong, Mr Happy and Mr Tickle evoke fond memories of early tales told through that cute book format and colourful and bold illustrations which encouraged many of us to turn the pages and find out what escapades our favourite characters were getting up to.

Mr Men books - and of course the Little Miss and other characters that have become part of the fictional family Roger Hargreaves created still make us smile and, perhaps more importantly, have encouraged us to read - that all important activity which expands our knowledge and imaginations.

In an era where many are turning to e-readers there is nothing like turning the pages of a book. It is a more tactile experience yet it is lost on so many who are brought up in a society where screen swiping is the modern way to access information.

Yet, what is refreshing, is for all the technology we have at our fingertips, the characters we have grown up with are still going strong - and in that same format too recounting the escapades of the original cast - including Mr Tickle of course who is said to have inspired Roger when, it is understood, his son Adam had asked what a tickle looked like.

His own childhood was spent in the Spen Valley. He grew up in Cleckheaton. The house where he lived, High Lees, in Halifax Road, Hartshead Moor, bore the first plaque in the “Fame Trail” recognising 48 famous people and events which form part of the Spen Valley heritage.

The trail was devised by the Spen Valley Civic Society, an organisation helping to ‘maintain high standards in the villages and green spaces of the Spen Valley,’ after it secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2007.

While it is understood Roger wanted to be a cartoonist, he worked in advertising, although his creative flair was evident in the characters he produced and which we have all come to know and love.

Many have their own favourite character and will recall the delight in adding to their collection of books.

Keeping it in the family, Roger’s son Adam, followed in his father’s footsteps and began writing and illustrating stories following Roger’s death - 30 years ago this year.

His legacy lives on in the stories already told. Millions of Mr Men Books have been sold worldwide making Roger Hargreaves one of the top best-selling authors in British history.

That is certainly something of which Cleckheaton is very proud and to acknowledge the 30th anniversary of his death, and in honour of the man whose characters continue to entertain generations of young readers, Spen Chamber of Trade in Cleckheaton, are hosting a Mr Men Day.

The event includes crafts, activities and storytime and takes place in the Savoy Square, Bradford Road, from 10am until 4pm on Saturday May 5.

A spokesman for Spen Chamber of Trade and Commerce said: “We are just trying to acknowledge a local historian and promote the reading of his books, putting Cleckheaton on the map as well.”