IT'S a campaign which is gaining momentum and with some high profile attention.

Strictly Come Dancing stars Aston Merrygold and Brian Conley; West End star Beverley Knight, Britain's Got Talent's Alesha Dixon, Loose Women's Linda Robson and ITV Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan are among the celebrities supporting Heart Research UK's 'Sing for Your Heart' Christmas charity campaign.

They are joined by Queensbury's Jaxon Green-Moore who is leading the campaign to raise money for research into heart disease.

For Jaxon, it is a cause close to his own heart. The six-year-old was born with LEOPARD Syndrome, a rare condition affecting the skin, face and heart. As a result, Jaxon has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy where the muscles in the heart wall become thick and stiff, and pulmonary stenosis, a narrowing of the pulmonary valve which pumps blood from the heart to the lungs.

Jaxon is the youngest child of Heidi Green and Rob Moore. Rob's oldest child is his 18-year-old daughter, Courtney, from a previous relationship. Heidi and Rob also have 11-year-old daughter Tegan; nine-year-old daughter Tailla and seven-year-old son Zachariah.

Heidi recalls having a perfectly normal pregnancy with Jaxon. There were no signs or symptoms that anything was wrong.

"I had a normal pregnancy, normal birth and I just thought he was really laid back," says Heidi.

It was when Jaxon went for his six week check up that the GP heard a heart murmur and referred him to a hospital consultant.

Tests revealed Jaxon was suffering from the very rare LEOPARD syndrome which Heidi explains only affects around 200 people in the world.

LEOPARD is an acronym of its characterised features including lentigines - dark spots on the skin and deafness. Symptoms vary from person to person.

"Obviously we were shocked because we hadn't heard of it. Even our own GP hadn't heard of it," says Heidi.

The family aren't aware of any support groups either so ended up having to do much of their research through the internet.

"I was relieved we knew what it was but also scared about what the future holds," says Heidi, referring to Jaxon's heart condition.

But the family take a great deal of comfort in Jaxon's early diagnosis because their son is now closely monitored for any changes.

"It is a constant worry and now he is six he is wanting to do things," says Heidi.

She says her son yearns to bounce around at trampoline parks and participate in sports activities like his siblings but his condition dictates extreme caution.

Jaxon attends Northowram Primary School with his siblings and the school have been a great support to the family according to Heidi who tells how, being conscious of Jaxon's heart condition, they invested in a defibrillator, a life-saving device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall to someone who is in cardiac arrest.

Being approached by Heart Research UK, a charity the family have previously supported through fundraising initiatives such as cake stalls, sweet sales and sponsored running and swimming challenges, to participate in their 'Sing for your Heart' campaign has given Jaxon the opportunity to be part of something special - and he's loving it!

"We've been supporting the campaign for about five years. Heart Research is very important anyway because I lost my Dad to heart disease when I was 16," says Heidi.

Since the campaign launched in September, Jaxon has been asking members of the public, and celebrities, to 'sing, donate and nominate' by uploading a short video of themselves singing on social media, texting SING to 70144 to donate £3 and then nominating up to three others.

Irish boy band, Boyzone, who Jaxon nominated, have also taken part posting their video on social media

The campaign has also been supported by Emmerdale star, Danny Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle in the award-winning Yorkshire-based soap.

When we spoke Heidi said Jaxon was also hoping his favourite singer, Ed Sheeran - who hails from Halifax - would get involved in the campaign.

"He's always singing Galway Girl (featured on Ed Sheeran's album Divide). He has a little guitar at home and enjoys playing - it makes a lot of noise!" laughs Heidi.

Other high profile participants include Essex author and blogger, Giovanna Fletcher, wife of McFly's Tom Fletcher, YouTube and social media stars Lucy and Lydia and Grammy nominated and St Elmo's Fire singer John Parr.

Schools and families throughout the country are also taking part too.

"It's absolutely brilliant," says Heidi.

According to Heart Research UK, the campaign has now gone viral and has so far reached more than 12 million people online.

Says Heidi: “When Jaxon was diagnosed, the scariest part was that his heart was already failing and we didn’t even know. Heart Research UK is important to us as a family because at the minute, there’s no cure for Jaxon. Research is hope”.

She says money raised through the campaign can help to fund pioneering medical research.

"When you talk about heart disease people think it is older people or people who smoke but it can affect anybody," says Heidi.

Around 7 million people are living with cardiovascular disease in the UK and many have been helped thanks to pioneering medical research. However 70,000 people die from coronary heart disease every year – the UK’s single biggest killer. More research is needed to help prevent these deaths and to help families like Jaxon.

Barbara Harpham, Chief Executive of Heart Research UK, said “Heart disease affects all ages, but with research we are helping people live healthier, happier, longer lives.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a good singer or a bad one, a celebrity or an enthusiastic amateur, Sing for your Heart will get you in the festive mood and spread some Christmas cheer as well as raise money. Sing, donate and nominate and know that the money you raise will help fund research to give children and their families a brighter future”.

For more information, or to get involved, visit To automatically donate £3 text SING to 70144.

To find out more about Heart Research UK visit or follow Twitter: @heartresearchuk. You can also like the Facebook page