IT was a simple appeal which attracted a significant response.

The power of Social Media in supporting and uniting people has already been demonstrated but the response to her own post still took Joanne Jones by surprise.

Working with families in her role as a community nursery nurse in her home city of Bradford, the 33-year-old was aware of the plight of those who had experienced domestic violence.

Being conscious of the parents who have to up-root their children swiftly to escape to a better life and often not having such simple basic necessities as a toothbrush to hand brought home the reality of the situation to Joanne.

Determined to help, her initial reaction was to help the Bradford-based charity she was already familiar with through her work.

Since it was launched 15 years ago Staying Put has supported more than 50,000 people to change their lives and it is thanks to people such as Joanne, and its many more supporters, that it continues to help many more.

"A lot of our clients have used the service at some point," says Joanne, referring to the families she sees through her role as a community nursery nurse.

"There was one particular case, we had a lady who had to flee very quickly and left with nothing."

Through this Joanne learned more about the emergency packs Staying Put provide which include toiletries and goodies to help people feel comfortable and supported during their time of need.

"I thought 'there is something I can do about this' - I decided to crack on with it," she says.

The mother-of-two, from Queensbury, discussed it with some of the mums at the Mum and Baby group she is involved with.

"Everybody thought it was a good idea," says Joanne.

So she decided to put out a small appeal through social media to garner support - and was overwhelmed by the response.

Conscious the city was already well-supported with food banks, Joanne turned her attentions to the practical help she knew could benefit families greatly.

Shortly afterwards Joanne began collecting donations - some were delivered to her home where she now has boxes of supplies including simple things we often take for granted such as toothbrushes; shampoo and sanitary wear.

She has since ordered some canvas shopping bags which she intends filling with the supplies and taking to the charity to distribute to those in need.

Alongside running the appeal, Joanne also decided to boost funds for the charity to help buy some additional essential items to put in the bags.

She enjoys running but working full-time and looking after her daughters, Eliza, who is two and a half and six-year-old Gracie, doesn't give her much time.

Nevertheless, Joanne decided to participate in the recent Bradford 10K run to help swell the funds for Staying Put - and it turned out to be a real family affair with her daughter, Gracie, and husband Neil also taking part!

Joanne says her daughter, Gracie, loves running. "She is a little whippet," she says.

So far Jo has raised more than £300, topping her target and supporting more domestic abuse survivors in the process.

Says Jo: “I have been overwhelmed by the support I have had in making up the overnight emergency packs, not only by the people that have donated via the JustGiving page, but also by the donations of products and the interest in the idea behind the packs.

“Staying Put is vital to the safety and wellbeing of many people. Could you imagine having to leave everything you have known as well as being petrified for your safety or even your life, potentially doing this with children in tow? This to me is an unbearable thought but all too real for some people.

“Now imagine all this and then having nothing with you for the night or even a few days - no way of having a shower or a wash. Our emergency packs will hopefully bridge that little gap and may help someone for the evening and the next few days ahead.”

They say charity begins at home and every year Jo has also run coffee mornings in her own home to raise funds to support homeless charities.

"I think of it being an easy thing to do. If I can do a little bit if it helps somebody else that has to be a good thing."

Yasmin Khan, director of Staying Put, said: “We’re very grateful to Jo and all the people who have supported her. This is a brilliant idea and will help many survivors of domestic violence who often leave with nothing. It’s lovely that Jo has been so inspired by our work that she wants to give something back to the charity.”

To donate money to Jo’s fundraising campaign, go to