JANE Belcher Cowlishaw's breast cancer diagnosis was a bombshell waiting to happen.

Her mum, Sheila, and sisters Ruth and Maureen had all battled with the disease. Sadly, Jane lost her brother, Robert, to pancreatic cancer seven years ago.

Due to her family history, Jane had been going for annual mammograms and admits, on receiving a recall, she instinctively knew it was cancer. She was diagnosed on Friday the 13th, a few days before her Birthday in January.

Jane's initial thoughts were "it's finally got me." "I said to the surgeon I knew this day would come."

Jane and her sister Maureen, who was diagnosed seven years ago, opted for a double mastectomy while sister Ruth had a lumpectomy after she was diagnosed three years ago. Their mum. Sheila, had a mastectomy following her diagnosis 18 years ago.

It was through her mum's diagnosis that Jane initially became introduced to the Bradford-based breast cancer support group - Bosom Friends.

Following Jane's diagnosis, the group became an even more integral part of her life offering support and developing lasting friendships.

"The ladies at Bosom Friends are fantastic," says Jane, from Bradford.

Every year the group hosts a fundraising fashion show at Bradford Grammar School. Jane had previously attended with her mum - but this year she will be stepping out in style herself in the group's 25th show on October 24.

"It is just so emotional and I get to be on it this year," says Jane.

Adding: "It is just a privilege to be part of this."

The show coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness month - a national campaign taking place annually in October to raise the profile of breast cancer.

Through Jane's association with Bosom Friends, she and five other women from the group were invited to model a limited edition pink vest created by Bingley-based fashion firm, Damart, to raise funds for the charity Breast Cancer Now.

Over the past decade the company has raised more than £200,000 for the charity through sales of its pink vest.

For Jane, taking part in the photoshoot - and being featured in thousands of Damart catalogues across the country - has been the icing on the cake.

"I've got to 50, I've lost my boobs but I got to be a model. You feel proud of yourself, you are dealing with it and thinking 'it is not going to beat me,'" she says.

The plaque Angela Kay's cousin purchased for her bears the mantra she reminds herself of every day.

"Get up, dress up, make up and never give up."

She wakes up to those words every morning and makes sure she acknowledges them throughout her day.

It is over a year since Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer, but the impact it made on her life has had both a lasting and positive effect.

Angela was 52 when she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in July 2016 - the date forever etched on her memory as she had lost her mum to the disease in July 2011.

She recalls feeling a throbbing in her breast but put it down to the breast cysts she had been treated for previously. A colleague's insistence prompted her to make an appointment to see the doctor. A week later she had tests which confirmed her breast cancer diagnosis.

"Because my colleague pushed me I have got her to thank for my life," says Angela, from Bradford.

Recalling the diagnosis, she says: "It was a total shock. Your world does fall apart. I had a few tears. I thought 'I cannot make it go away, I cannot change it, the only thing I had to do was get on and deal with it."

Angela recalls the hardest part was telling her family, husband Darren and children Jamie and Sophie, who have been a strength of support to her. She also has four granddaughters ranging from two to 16.

Following her diagnosis Angela underwent a lumpectomy and continues to take medication.

Her introduction to Bosom Friends came through her breast care nurse.

Three months later, Angela was strutting along the catwalk participating in the group's annual fashion show - and loving every minute of it!

Angela also participated in the Damart photoshoot and, along with her Bosom pals, is raising the profile of this devastating disease - the most common cancer in the UK.

According to Breast Cancer Now, every year around 11,500 women and 80 men die from breast cancer - nearly 1,000 deaths each month.

Fundraising is vital for research and financing advanced treatments to help more women survive.

Angela says her own experience forced her to put her life into perspective. "It has taught me not to worry about little things. It has taught me to slow down and realise what the important things in life are. Don't sweat the small stuff, every day means something now," she says.

Shelley Whiteley admits she was naive to think young women wouldn't be affected by the disease.

The 43-year-old, from Bradford, was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2016 after finding a lump. Shelley says it was something she had always associated with being older, but she wants to see the mammogram age lowered and more awareness.

"So many younger ladies have been affected and I think more awareness of that so people are more aware of their own bodies as well," says Shelley, an ambassador for Cancer Support Yorkshire - an independent charity based in Bradford and Skipton which offers practical support to those affected by cancer.

Shelley, who also modelled in the Damart photoshoot, prefers to look at the positives from her experience. She says she would never have changed her long hair had it not been for losing it through chemotherapy. Now she loves her short style. And joining Bosom Friends has brought new friendships."I have got a fantastic group of friends who will be friends for life," says Shelley.

Damart’s Head of Ecommerce, Ben Phillips, said: "To hear the stories of local women who have been personally touched by breast cancer was very enlightening; it really underlines how important fundraising is – both in our local community and nationwide. We couldn’t have asked for better models for our pink vest, they did a fantastic job."

For more information visit youtube.com/watch?v=71ykGtzy4Bs. To find out more about Bosom Friends email: info@bosomfriendsbradford.org