A FILM shot in Bradford is highlighting the reality of life on the streets.

Tears in the Dust was written and directed by Steve Call, a former electrician and self-taught film-maker, who slept rough as part of his research into homelessness. He worked with Bradford charity Hidden Voices, helping people who are homeless and have mental health problems to re-build their lives. Gary Staniforth, who set up the charity following his own experience of being homeless, has a small role in the film, and comic Billy Pearce has a cameo appearance.

Shot in Shipley, Saltaire and Bradford city centre, the film is about a man called Trevor Wallis, played by Dean Sills, who ends up on the streets when he loses his job. "He has a good job as a salesman, a nice home and a lovely wife," says Steve. "Then the company he works for goes under, and he loses his home. The film is the story of his life on the streets. I wanted to show how anyone can become homeless, regardless of background.

"It's easy to walk past someone in the street and think if you give them money they'll just spent it on drugs or booze. People dismiss them as addicts. But they don't start off addicts. Their self-esteem gets broken and they think no-one cares. I talked to homeless people, some had good jobs and homes but lost everything after the financial crash a few years ago. It was an eye-opener. Homelessness can happen to any of us."

Adds Steve: "I slept rough in Leeds; it was quite dry and warm but I felt vulnerable. I worked with homeless people in Bradford and watched people's reactions to them, I found it disturbing. Gary Staniforth told us about his experiences too, and the stigma that homeless people suffer."

Steve and Dean funded Tears in the Dust themselves and made it with support from Bradford's City of Film team. It is released on Amazon video and DVD and any profits for the first year will go to Hidden Voices.

Now Steve is planning a film called On the Run highlighting the issue of people trafficking. "We're shooting in Bradford this summer and want to hear from local actors," says Steve. "My goal is to set up a big production studio in Bradford for independent film-makers."

* Email Steve at stevecallproductions@gmail.com