AMONG the many products on the supermarket shelves sit a range of goods which can help farmers and their families across the globe.

Coffee, tea, chocolates, sugar, bananas, ice cream and many more foods are produced under the Fairtrade label.

Fairtrade products are made in safe and healthy working conditions, and allow farmers and producers in developing countries to receive a fair price. It also ensures that they have a voice in how their workplace is run.

Across the UK, Campaigners, businesses, schools and places of worship highlight their support for the system during Fairtrade Fortnight, which runs from February 26 until March 11.

Locally, members of Bradford Fairtrade Zone are calling on the community to open their doors to Fairtrade. This year’s theme is ‘Come On In’, encourages people to find out how they can get involved and help the cause.

Says chairman of Bradford Fairtrade Zone Karen Palframan: “The need for Fairtrade is as great as ever because millions of farmers, workers and miners who grow and produce what we love to eat, drink and wear too often do not earn enough to provide for their own families. They are trapped in poverty. Fairtrade exists to change this and every single Fairtrade purchase helps them get a better deal from trade.

“The Fairtrade system sets a minimum price to provide sustainable incomes and the extra Fairtrade premium allows farmers and workers to tackle local challenges for themselves and their communities - anything from sanitation, health care and education, to subsidised food and turtle conservation.”

Bradford Fairtrade Zone is made up of Bradford, Baildon, Bingley, Shipley, Saltaire, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Ilkley, Keighley, Haworth and Thornton, all of which have Fairtrade status.

There are now more than 5,000 products on sale bearing the Fairtrade certification mark, one of the latest being Fairtrade popcorn.

Other recently added products include the National Trust’s Clipper Fairtrade tea, and Fairtrade gold rings from Argos. Bala Sports has added Fairtrade rugby balls to their Fairtrade footballs and Ben Jerry’s has added a non-dairy ice cream to its Fairtrade range.

It is easy to lend your support. “Simply buy or switch to products with the Fairtrade Mark,” says Karen. “Invite your family, friends and the wider community to ‘Come on in’ to Fairtrade and help end poverty through their shopping.

“You can also join Fairtrade Bradford in campaigning for economic, social and environmental justice for farmers and workers.”

Mike de Villiers, of Baildon Fairtrade group, says: “We are working very hard to raise awareness.”

On March 5 Mike is speaking at an assembly at Baildon Church of England Primary School, which is working towards Fairtrade status. “It is good to start from a young age. Children will encourage their parents to buy Fairtrade,” he says, adding that he himself buys Fairtrade goods including coffee, tea, bananas, oranges and wine.

Local events during the fortnight include a Joint Fairtrade event with Marks & Spencer in The Broadway on March 8. “We will be having a Fairtrade information stall outside the store with M&S Fairtrade product samples and the chance to ‘step’ into banana and coffee farms in Panama and Kenya using virtual reality headsets,” says Karen.

“Beauty students from Bradford College will be providing free hand massages with Fairtrade body butter, and the Lord Mayor, Councillor Abid Hussain will be picking the prize winners of two Fairtrade competitions.

Free entry sheets for a pre-school age Fairtrade colouring competition and a quiz for older children and adults will be available from the M&S Café from March 5 to 7 and from the Fairtrade stall outside M&S on March 8. Hampers of M&S Fairtrade goods make up the prizes.

Haworth Fairtrade Group has invited people to participate in its Little Haworth Bake Off on March 3 in Haworth's West Lane Baptist Church, which will be attended by former Great British Bake Off contestant Sandy Docherty. The event is backed by Bradford Council, M&S, the Co-op and Divine Chocolate. In Baildon there will be a Fairtrade stall at the Co-op.

A Fairtrade breakfast will be held at Bradford Cathedral and various events are be taking place at the University of Bradford.

Christchurch in The Grove, Ilkley, is giving a free Fairtrade tea or coffee to everyone who buys from the fairly-traded Traidcraft stall. Also in the town, Rainbows and Brownies will be learning about Fairtrade as part of their March ‘Thinking about our world’ event which is focusing on environmental and social issues. "There's a lot going on," adds Mike.

*For more information visit the Fairtrade Foundation website: Find out about Fairtrade Bradford events on Twitter, @FT_Bradford, and on Facebook, or call 07703 778261.