These men are all behind bars after being caught during Operation Saucerlake, an undercover police sting that took place in Keighley from May to September 2016.

A total of 20 people were jailed in the operation. Some cannot be named because of their age at the time they committed the offences, but the rest are named and shamed in our police mugshot gallery, above.

Officers posed as drug users to come into contact with dealers and obtain telephone numbers for different lines of supply.

Once orders were made, usually for combinations of heroin and cocaine or crack cocaine, the drugs would be delivered by the defendants via a number of different vehicles or on foot.

Deals were often brazenly conducted in the vicinity of young people in schools or parks, and the operation was deemed necessary after concerns raised by the local police, councillors, and communities.

Those involved would send out texts to drug users advertising deals and the quality of the product being offered, with discounts given for bulk purchasing.

During the operation, drugs were accessed by officers on 28 occasions via different supply lines, all dealing openly in all manner of locations in central Keighley.

The supply lines were known by nicknames including Billy, Abbie, Sonic and Khany.

One of the most sophisticated was the Baby line, which sold heroin and crack cocaine in children's play areas and outside schools. The line operated a 24-hour phone number for its customers.


Twenty jailed in Keighley drugs operation

'Main man' of drug supply line jailed for four and a half years

Four drug dealers jailed after being caught in covert police sting

Defendants who dealt drugs near schools and play areas snared by undercover sting

'Ring and bring' dealer who sold drugs to undercover officers is locked up

Drug dealer was carrying £3,665 cash when police trapped him in undercover sting

Dealer admits supply of drugs

Passing sentence in one of the hearings, then-Recorder of Bradford Judge Roger Thomas QC said: 

"The terrible blight that is caused for society in general, and for so many individuals in particular, by the widespread misuse of class A drugs is widely known.

"The human misery, together with the considerable economic and social consequences, are truly awful.

"The drug dealing in these many cases almost universally took place in broad daylight in the middle of Keighley, in residential areas, and also in the town centre.

"Places such as community centres, parks, and children’s play areas are often referred to.

"Dealing in the vicinity of schools during school hours is also a feature of this open dealing of class A drugs.

"The presence of children as drug deals are being conducted is also something that occurs on occasions."

Speaking after the final sentences were passed, Insp Khan said: “We would like to thank the communities of Keighley for their support of Operation Saucerlake, which we believe has impacted on the supply of illegal drugs in the town.

“Illegal drugs will not be tolerated in Keighley and I hope this operation and its results demonstrate that we do take these concerns very seriously.

“We hope it will also serve as a warning to others involved in the supply of drugs that we will act on any information we receive to identify you, arrest you and do everything we can to bring you before the courts.”